About Us

Think Therapeutics | Rise Against Cancer

Think Therapeutics is a global biotechnology company, which aspires to bring transformative change to the lives of cancer patients, through precision medicine.

Think is founded with the very vision to accelerate the discovery and development of novel medicines to bring transformative change in the lives of patients with hard to-treat cancers.

Our Team

INNOVATION is to apply HUMAN INTELLECT incrementally to SOLVE everyday challenges. At Think We Embrace Knowledge, Respect Intellectual Property; Plan, Practice and Resolve to work on Challenging Science through Operational excellence.
Think Team comprises of individuals representing diverse culture enriched with deep research experience in small molecule drug discovery research. Our discovery team spans from medicinal chemistry to cancer biology,

Our Impact

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020. The most common in 2020 (in terms of new cases of cancer) were:

breast Cancer
(2.26 million cases)

lung Cancer
(2.21 million cases)

(non-melanoma)(1.20 million cases)

prostate Cancer
(1.41 million cases)

Stomach Cancer
(1.09 million cases)

Liver Cancer
(0.90 million cases)

Pancreas Cancer
(0.49 million cases)

prostate Cancer
(1.41 million cases)